Purchase Management for Casden-Banque Populaire

Casden, a subsidiary of Banque Populaire, dedicated to banking services for the personnel of the National Education retained OpenERP and Smile for the redesign of its global system of Purchasing Management, Budgets and Assets.
OpenERP has been selected especially for its adaptability advantages and also its very full web interface for provision of the service for remote users.
The system developed allows firstly to manage expenditure budgets. Budgets are broken down into several areas (direction, dude ...) and are actually budget lines which are attributed purchase orders. The system enables the budget in a decentralized manner, including a version management to achieve budget revision during the year.
Once the budgets made, validated and / or arbitrated, purchase orders and miscellaneous expenses can be entered into OpenERP and follow the circuit complete treatment of the receipt of the invoice payment providers, managing cases partial billing, installments, holdbacks or even prepaid expenses (CCA).
Smile has also implemented a comprehensive package of asset management, created for this context, to manage the accounting and tax depreciation, asset disposals (sales, disposal) and all accounting records and related reports.
This module is maintained by Smile and also donated to the open source community.
Purchase Management for Casden-Banque Populaire