INRA optimizes resources with OpenERP

INRA, National Institute for Agricultural Research, is a Public Institution for Science and Technology (EPST) under the joint supervision of the Ministries of Research and Agriculture.
The objective of the CRA project (activity report) is the implementation of an application to monitor activities of all IT teams (200 people) to maximize the mobilization of resources on actions recurring projects.
The application must provide:
Entry screens activity, respecting the rules of allocation of projects
Screens providing the reporting activity indicators
INRA wish you a very easy to use application with a specific function, different from what the offer packaged solutions for project management.
Smile has developed specific modules management and project monitoring, based on the OpenERP framework, providing users:
A matrix entry activities: simple interface, allowing agents to enter the details of their activities each week;
Interface project management: project managers will define the project phases and tasks and assignments teams;
Reports: custom reports for each agent and team leader, to obtain indicators of the activity, project, task type, period, etc..
Mail notifications: each agent is notified if the rendering of account activity is incomplete.
The web client interface has been revised to conform to the look of the ISD INRA.