Smile deploys OpenERP for V'Lille

The city of Lille has made " V'Lille " his system self-service bike ( VLS) and Bike in Long Term Rental (VLD ) with OpenERP and Smile.
The first system makes it easy to rent a bicycle in the various terminals spread over the city. The second system allows you to rent a bike for 1, 3 or 9 months for $ 3 to € 5 per month , which is more convenient for uses more intense or for those remote stations .
The project was led by Transport for EFFIA Transpole and Smile is proud to have contributed to the implementation of OpenERP to manage Bicycle Long Term Rental (VLD ) . Commercial management of subscriptions and payments, unified clients, service operation and maintenance of equipment are fully managed with OpenERP .
EFFIA Transport opted for ERP on the one hand for his great technical adaptability , and secondly for its references in the management of shared transport.
When subscribing to , so customers can select services as a bag , a baby seat , warranty or home delivery . The system then manages the compatibility options , the customer record, and a statement of computerized places remission or recovery bike agency .
Eventually in 2014, it will V'Lille :
10,000 bikes or bikes 2100 and 8000 Self Service Bicycle Rental Long Term .
It will mark the first French fleet after that of Paris shared bicycles.
3520 bicycle parking spaces spread over 437 parking spots connected to the main stops of Transpole network.
Smile deploys OpenERP for V'Lille