Online since June 15, 2005, the site is among the top e-commerce sites cosmetics in Russia. Already present with an array of shops, Yves Rocher was then successfully launched its activity in Russia and VPC today strengthens its presence through the web.
Leading brand of vegetable cosmetics, Yves Rocher is present on five continents. The brand has built its business around the mail before opening shops in all capitals. Actor of his time, Yves Rocher is now developing a network of e-commerce (17-present) sites.
The market potential that is Russia, Yves Rocher has decided to be one of the first players in e-commerce. The fact that few people have a credit card and delivery times out of Moscow and Saint Petersburg are long enough, Internet commerce is a difficult path to find its place.
A "Set Up" mission and maintenance Smile
Consulted to assist in the implementation of the new e-shop on a common to all sites of the brand platform, Smile proposed a support mission three months with teams of VAD Start Up, department service charge of developing the Distance Selling, distribution network which includes VPC and VPI on new territories. A prerequisite for this mission: to speak Russian fluently to be able to translate the functional elements of the site and communicate with teams in Moscow involved in the project. Smile proposed the appropriate team to carry out the mission that ended on June 15 with the public opening of the site.
Regular support missions have monitored the progress of the project and assist in setting up various marketing operations and trade. One month after launch, 350 orders have been recorded (spontaneous orders, promotional activities for the site will be launched in late July). For the rest, the brand development projects, on-line payment, for example.
Yves Rocher