Make sure you have 100%-effective IT support for your business. Feeling behind the curve? Our consulting team of IT professionals will get you up to speed and help you put your ideas into practice in the most productive way. From understanding your issues to putting our strategic, technical and organisational expertise into action, our consulting team provides a personalized support  to make sure your goals are reached, and your project is a success.

1) Analysis of your existing solution

We carry out an in depth analysis of your existing solution as part of the project - information systems, tools and user practices - so that we can identify all of your needs and expectations.

2) Summary of your needs

We conduct short, targeted interviews to discover users' needs. Workshops give less experienced users the opportunity to assess the scale of the project and to become actively involved.

3) Choice of IT tools

Our technological expertise and experience of integrating solutions ensures that we can choose the most suitable tools independent of the software - whether it's open source or proprietary.

4) Definition of technical architecture

With the choice of tools made and user context defined, we are able to help you to choose the most suitable technical infrastructure and the necessary infrastructure to operate the recommended information system.

5) Project definition

Based on your needs, we work out requirements or technical and operational specifications detailing all areas of your project to ensure it is successfully implemented. The stages are:

  • Presentation of objectives;
  • Organisation of build and project management;
  • Description of operational, technical and organisational needs;
  • Possible constraints to be taken into consideration;
  • Expected benefits;
  • Implementation framework: deadlines, planning, budget...

6) Production Management

During the production phase, it is essential that everything is well coordinated, and that each stage of the implementation is carried out efficiently. To do this, we have a two-stage process:
 - Build Assistance
Along side the project managers, we help you make decisions (strategic decisions, choice of providers, budget management.) and ensure that the project runs smoothly (planning, dashboards, coordination of stakeholders, work validation, etc.). We also ensure that the change is correctly managed by supporting users.
 - Project Management Assistance
Throughout the production phase, the project manager is supported by the consultant who took part in the initial consultation, in order to ensure that all elements of the project comply with the Project Quality Plan. The consultant also provides additional expertise.


Web consulting

Internet projects are becoming more and more innovative, and with a wider audience. Smile, having accumulated a huge amount of technical expertise and experience, provides the best solutions for highly productive websites that meet the expectations of your business.

Peculiarities of web-projects

As part of your website development project, we pursue the following aims:

  • Deep analysis of content types and their modes of description (information structuring and properties setting) 

  • Solution selection
  • Establishment of production cycles, validation and deployment workflow
  • Analysis of user roles and navigation mode (site tree, cross-categories, search screens)
Ergonomic web-site design
  • Creation of storyboards and page layout
  • Advanced features integration

  • Definition of templates

Key elements of web-projects

State-of-the-art and advanced development technologies are increasingly being used in modern Internet projects. Our consulting team keeps up-to-date with all of the innovations in the field of development.
To make a web project both efficient and ergonomic is not an easy task. To solve it we bring you our expertise on a number of specific areas:

  • Integration of social networking and Web 2.0
  • Web-site design (ergonomic approach)
  • Multi-channel publishing (internet, smartphone, SMS, print ...)
  • Interaction with management solutions (CRM, ERP, DMS ...)
  • Multilingual web site.