Is your business struggling in a highly competitive environment? Are you looking for innovative ways to win market share? You need to create a well functioning and highly productive website to promote your brand on the Internet. That's where Smile can help, selecting the proper technology for your business, and creating a website that works for you. We divide our services into 5 basic steps:

1. We create a solution to meet your requirements

Smile Russia consultants and developers analyze your project's aims and requirements before the sale stage itself. The results of this analysis allows us to present a project proposal that includes the following points:

  • offering a CMS tool (e.g. Drupal, eZ Publish, Jahia) which suits your project needs the best;
  • creation of initial graphic design to plan a style of your future website;
  • presentation of information architecture and navigation strategy which are the most appropriate for a future website;
  • introduction of project budget and time estimations, taking all possible nuances into consideration.

2. We define and prepare your project in details

After you accept our project proposal, and we work in all of your comments and suggestions, we provide you with:

  • technical specification describing project development peculiarities (e.g. a solution which is planned to be implemented);
  • project quality plan (“PQP”) that specifies commitments and obligations of both sides to ensure that a project runs successfully.

3. Turnkey supply of your website

Every project developed by Smile Russia specialists combines, in various proportions, the integration of the CMS tool and the development of custom features.

4. We train your team to use CMS tools

The implemented content management system works best if your team members (from the occasional user to the site administrator) can operate it with ease, and can take advantage of its full power. To make sure you get the most out of your CMS, we provide you with the following services:

  • special materials on your content management solution (e.g. Drupal basics or Typo3 for beginners);
  • a library of White Papers on the various IT solutions used by Smile for you to download and explore;
  • one or more training sessions on how to use the "back-end" tool, which doesn't require prior technical knowledge.

5. We remain close and available to upgrade your project

Even after the project is up and running, Smile Russia specialists are always on hand to carry out any changes and updates to your project, under the option of a partnership agreement. In addition, we can provide 24h support for your website once it is online.