Drupal: must-do for site owners

Do you want to set up a personal website? Perhaps it's a content-oriented project on photographic art, on which you want to display thousands of jaw-dropping photos. Or maybe you want to start a blog to air your thoughts and feelings.

Just imagine coding either of these from scratch – it would hardly be a trivial task. Luckily, now there are better ways to go about it.

For instance, you can download and install Drupal content management system (CMS) for free, and then customize it to organize any type of content. You'll find all the tools you need for this in system guide. Voilà – you can already start thinking about a release date.

According to millions of user reviews, Drupal is a powerful and flexible system you can use to create any site you can imagine from blogs and forums, to news and entertainment sites.

Moreover, Drupal is:

  • an open source solution free to download and customize;
  • easy to use and install;
  • in possession of extraordinary SEO tools;
  • ideal for a small team of developers to work on;
  • constantly being improved by a huge community of users from every corner of the world.

Nike, Forbes, Ubuntu and Britney Spears use Drupal. And so can you.