Jahia: open new doors to success

Is your working space piled high with papers? Losing track of documents? Are your employees squandering their energy on low-value tasks? Enterprise content management system (ECM) tackles all of these problems with ease.
A powerful and smart ECM solution can collect, organize and manage a huge number of documents and store massive amounts of content in a simple and comprehensive form, making it easy to make good decisions.
There are five main reasons to build your own ECM::

  • you save vast amount of time using enterprise content management systems;
  • ECM automate a wide range key business processes;
  • integrated solution brings customer service to a new level;
  • you manage docs, emails and drawings trouble-free;
  • corporate ECM is stated to be a low risk investment with high rates of profit.

Smile Ukraine can start building your ECM system today, using Jahia, a solution born in Switzerland in 2002.

Jahia is a complete Enterprise Content and Portal Management solution based on the J2EE architecture. It allows a company's internal or external websites to be easily managed, and requires no programming knowledge. In addition, you can organize projects directly with your favourite web browser.

Jahia is a free to download open source solution (Jahia Community Edition). Jahia Commercial Edition is also available, under a sustainable license.

Simply put, Jahia could be the key to open wide the door to success.