Liferay: the strength lies in unity

Do you need a joint working space for all of your employees without exception? A place where members of different departments, from delivery service to sales managers, can work under the same roof, with a well-equipped workplace for every employee?

Now you can have it – for free. It's virtual and bears the name of  corporate intranet portal based on Liferay.

If you're not familiar with portals then visit iGoogle to see what they're like.

Liferay Portal is the most complete open source solution for productive co-operation. Using Liferay, you can easily combine and manage different modules and applications on one page. The system works right before your eyes within a single framework that is incredibly convenient and speedy.

Moreover, you can create the modules (or portlets) you need independently. For instance, you can build a portlet (called, say "Our Employees") that includes all of your employees' contact data, with photo upload and birthday notification functions.

Liferay also provides CMS tools, forums, blogs, wikis, calendars, messengers and many more.

Allianz, Cisco, Fox Channel and Vodafone are just some of the successful companies using this OSS. These emblematic companies are known for the high level of care they have for their employees, and they chose Liferay - the open source leader in building corporate portals.