OpenERP: tomorrow belongs to openness and usability

Why should you choose OpenERP as an enterprise resource planning solution? Let's take a look at the advantages it offers.

OpenERP is a integrated software package that covers all of an enterprise's needs, with more than 350 modules available, including:

  • accounting and finance management;
  • business process automation;
  • sales and purchases management;
  • DMS integrated and others.

Your employees will enjoy using this Belgian-born solution, as they will experience:

  • single and comprehensive working area (no need to use different software);
  • familiar web interface with great usability;
  • automation of administrative tasks;
  • outstanding opportunity just to add a new module if you need some extra feature.

OpenERP is an open source solution that can be freely downloaded online - you need $0.00 to start using this solution.

Using OpenERP or other open source solutions is like watching democracy in action. Smile maintains close contact with the leading open source providers and is a great supporter of the policy of openness.

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