Sencha Touch: touch the future

Do you want to keep your business in touch with the growing mobile Internet market? Then let Smile take charge of your mobile strategy.  We can offer you a wide choice of mobile frameworks to bring your ideas to life, be it a mobile version of a website, web-store, or news-portal.

Sencha Touch is the first HTML5 mobile JavaScript framework for web applications that feel native on Android, BlackBerry, and iOS. Smile team chooses  Sencha Touch for web app development as it offers the highest level of power, flexibility, and optimization.

Sencha Touch is a cross-platform framework aimed at next generation, touch enabled, devices. It's currently compatible with Apple iOS 3+, Android 2.1+, and BlackBerry 6+ devices. Together these devices represent over 95% of current US mobile traffic.

We make specific use of HTML5 to deliver components like audio and video, as well as a localStorage proxy for saving data offline.

Moreover, Sencha works on almost all webkit based browsers which include chrome, safari and opera. So you can be sure that it displays the same UI on an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, iPad or a desktop browser.

There are many things we can talk about but better to touch once than to hear 100 times.